Our History

  • 1895

    Rooted in the Przewodoro region, a county in central Poland, the Przewodowski family decides to head west in 1895, escaping the rule of the Russian Tsars, who dominated Poland from 1815 to 1867.

  • 1910

    Part of this traditional Polish family settles in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and it is here that Oscar Przewodowski is born.

    A studious young man moved by curiosity, he graduates in languages, becoming a renowned Latin scholar. Restless, he decides to study Law and is delighted with the new world that opens up.



  • 1931

    Oscar Przewodowski goes on to become one of the most admired legal scientists of his time, shaping opinions with various written legal works, such as Civitas Gentivm and the Republica Universal in 1931.

    In the mid-1930s, Oscar Przewodowski becomes professor at the Faculdade Nacional de Direito [National Law School] and then the forerunner of the study of International Law in Brazil, leaving his mark through timeless and avant-garde legal works such as O Século XVII X no Seu Sentido Jurídico-internacional: o Advento do Direito Internacional [The XVII Century in the International Legal Sense: the Advent of International Law] in 1941, and Direito Público Internacional [International Public Law] in 1954.

  • 1944

    Much admired by the jurists of his time, Oscar Przewodowski became a leading reference in legal sciences, having been honored with the choice of his name to baptize a traditional street in Niterói, and the Duque de Caxias municipal forum. Parallel to the excellence achieved in the academic world, Oscar Przewodowski provided legal advice. His opinions and consultations always focused on the exclusivity and uniqueness of each client.
  • 1975

    In 1934, Ivan Przewodowski, Oscar's nephew, is born.

    Ivan Przewodowski grows up in an environment filled with legal knowledge and, not straying from his roots, he graduates as a lawyer from Fluminense Federal University, having his uncle Oscar as a mentor and example. Ivan, recently graduated, takes the exam and is consecrated Guanabara State Attorney. Inheriting his uncle Oscar's restless and curious soul, Ivan then decides to found his own law firm. Thus, was born, in 1975, in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Bureau Przewodowski.

  • 1998

    Naturally, Ivan Przewodowski implements the service concept created by his uncle, based on the uniqueness of each client.

    Keeping the tradition of the Przewodowski family alive, Jan Przewodowski, a renowned tax lawyer and son of Ivan Przewodowski, has proudly headed BPA since 1998.

  • OUR




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